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What are the red flags of a shady chiropractic business?

Apr 8

How to recognize unethical chiropractic  behavior's warning flags

Before you go running around and searching for a "chiropractor near me", you must know how to differentiate the good and reliable ones from the bad. If you've ever seen a professional chiropractor, you're definitely aware of how effective they can be in treating back pain and other ailments. The proper application of spinal manipulation by a competent chiropractor can help to prevent future problems while also improving mobility, strength, and overall health.

However, there are some chiropractors who are neither licensed or have as much experience as they claim. Let's have a look at these red signs to look out for that could suggest you're not in the correct hands with your chiropractor.

First, always check the chiropractor's licensing. This is easily done by looking them up on your state's board of chiropractic examiners website. If they're not licensed or their license has expired, it's best to move on and find someone else.

Although it may seem self-evident, you should double-check that your chiropractor has all of the necessary certifications before scheduling an appointment. These are normally available online, but if not, you may always contact and get a copy. There is never a reason for your doctor to withhold this information from you.


A D.C., or Doctor of Chiropractic, certificate is one of the credentials to look for. Before enrolling in chiropractic school, they should have earned a master's or doctoral degree from another authorized college or university. Some chiropractic universities are accredited to offer Master's and doctoral degrees in subjects such as nutrition, Oriental medicine, and acupuncture.

Second, be skeptical of any chiropractor who makes outrageous claims such as being able to cure cancer, AIDS, or any other life-threatening diseases. No chiropractor has the ability to heal these illnesses without proper medical care.

If you're feeling pressured into signing up for a long-term treatment plan, be very wary. shady chiropractors often try to lock patients into long-term contracts with high rates.

On the other hand, you should also be skeptical if there is no treatment plan. You and your chiropractor should construct a treatment plan for how your treatments will proceed during your initial consultation. What are the signals that you are improving, for example, will be discussed with your chiropractor. How can you tell whether your condition is deteriorating? What will they do once the symptoms have subsided?

Your doctor should have discussed what's wrong, how chiropractic can help, and what to expect at future appointments before you leave. There's a good possibility this isn't the doctor for you if you're left wondering what the plan is.

Then, when you go to the chiropractor, you are usually not in a life-or-death scenario. Of course, there are exceptions, but if you are otherwise healthy aside from your back problems, your life is unlikely to be jeopardized.

If you get the impression that your chiropractor is trying to scare you into returning for a second appointment during your first session, this is usually a sign that something isn't quite right with the clinic. The doctor may overstate your symptoms or insist on multiple visits each week. You should seek a second opinion if your first appointment with a doctor leaves you feeling afraid.

Also, be careful of any chiropractor who says that a single adjustment can cure everything. This is always a red sign if your chiropractor claims that they will treat your problems without the need for your doctor, physical therapist, Psychologist, or OBGYN.

Chiropractors, like all doctors, are aware of their limitations. They should be happy to work as part of a team, and any chiropractor who promises to be able to cover every job for you is generally not the greatest option.

Your chiropractor should inquire about your progress, the location of your pain, and anything else that will make the job easier for both of you. Your treatment may be suffering if your doctor is modifying and hustling you out the door without checking in on your progress.

Your doctor may see up to 50 patients each day if you choose a high-volume practice. While the doctors at these clinics are excellent at what they do, that does not guarantee they are the best for you. Look for a chiropractor who has the time to focus on you rather than being distracted by the need to see his next patient.

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