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The Fall Tree Care is crucial for Tree Security in the Long-Term

Apr 28


Of all the items you have to do in the fall You must always take time to plan for fall tree care. Trees are a precious resource that are essential to safeguard. Within your garden, trees offer a variety of advantages. They provide much-needed shade during the summer, and they help to clean the air. They're meant to last for generations , and they can even increase your property value. A variety of species of squirrels and birds will find a home in trees.

Kentucky trees don't have the protection of their backyards by other trees as they're in the forest. They are thus more vulnerable to pests, poor soil quality, and diseases. This is where you step in. The tree removal company in Georgiatown KY has compiled a list with tips and tricks that will help you with your fall tree maintenance tasks.


Apply for New Mulch

It's always an ideal idea to replenish your mulch in the fall , so that the roots have an extra layer of protection from extreme temperatures. Mulch is a great way to keep soil moisture levels in check in winter. Mulch should be at minimum 2 inches thick in order to safeguard your tree's roots.


Take care of your trees

The autumn is when the trees concentrate on their new root growth. They also start to store water and nutrients to help them through winter. The trees depend on these stores of food to aid in their growth during the spring. Applying fertilizer today will allow your trees store the nutrients they require for an additional boost next year. Deep root fertilization is a great way to quickly get fertilizer to your tree’s roots so that they can use it. This method delivers fertilizer directly to the roots of your trees with high pressure. Deep root fertilization can increase the protection of your trees and make them more resistant to pests, drought, and diseases.

Wrap Your Trees in Wraps

In the months of spring and autumn in Kentucky, our temperatures can change dramatically. Those huge swings can affect our trees too. Sunscald causes cracks in the bark due to sudden freezing, thawing, and melting. These can leave your trees with ugly, permanent scars that are an invitation for pests.


Dormant Oil

They are great for attracting birds, but they can also attract pests which can cause major damage to your trees. Insects that cause damage include tent caterpillars, gypsy moths mites, scale, Aphids, and the most recent new member of the group the spotted lanternfly. Dormant oil is applied to trees during the fall season to defend them from insects. Dormant oil is a substance that is sprayed over trees and covers any egg or insect living there. The oil can drown eggs and kill adults, ensuring your trees will be able to flower in the spring without fear of being eaten.


Plant New Trees In The young trees that are in the fall.

Lower temperatures in the fall are perfect to plant new trees. When trees go dormantand are less vulnerable to shock during transplants. This gives trees the chance to grow new roots and to grow prior to winter. This gives them a higher chance to thrive in the spring. Tree service in Georgetown KY could be the best option.


Cut Vines Choking Your Trees

The Kentucky vines are able to grow quickly and completely cover trees in just a few years. Kudzu can grow two inches a day in ideal conditions and is considered an invasive species. The goal of vines is getting as high as possible and get as much light as is possible. They do this by climbing up trees, blocking out sunlight and gradually falling into the tree. A heavy vine on a branch can cause harm to the tree and allow for the spread of disease and pests. When your vines begin to grow excessively large, it's essential to trim them off at the end of each year. It's much easier in the fall when all the foliage has gone and you are able to see the vines more clearly. It is very easy to eliminate any vine. It's as simple as searching the root of your tree for the vine. The vine should be cut so that it is as close as possible to the ground. This will kill the part of the vine within the tree. When the next spring or summer arrives the vines will have sufficiently dried out so that you are able to simply pull them out with your hands. Do not pull down poison ivy with your hands unless you are wearing safety clothing.


Hiring The Best Lawn Care

Tree cutting service, based in Georgetown KY has been providing the community for over 45 years by providing top-quality lawn care services. We have established a relationship with our customers that keeps returning year after year. Our tree and shrub care program was designed to keep your trees healthy and pest-free from the beginning of spring until winter. Lawn Worx is a community-based company that employs friendly skilled professionals who will take the time to get to know your yard's requirements and formulate the best treatment program.

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