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Top Investing Books On Real Estate

Jun 26

Investing in real property can be a great way of growing your portfolio or earning extra income. There are many options to invest in real estate. You can either invest passively and make money without being involved, such as in crowdfunding or REITs, or you can actively manage properties, flip houses, rent out apartments, or list them as Airbnbs.

Expert advice can be a great way of learning if you are interested in investing in rental properties or if your portfolio is already growing. These books will help you get started as a rental property investor. Check out our Airbnb beginners books below.


Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide


Symon has created a new guide for real estate investing. It covers everything related to this industry, including property analysis and the intricacies involved with commercial real estate investment. He walks the reader through the first steps to finding the right properties. He also shows how to manage daily activities as a landlord, and passive investor, and explains the responsibilities for safely investing.

He presents a balanced approach to real estate investing.


Investing In Rental Properties for Beginners


Lisa Phillips' comprehensive 2018 guide to real estate investing strategies will be of great help to those who are just starting out. Phillips' writing style makes it easy to follow. Phillips simplifies complex real estate topics into simple and easy-to-understand, actionable plans. This book is intended for those who have never considered becoming landlords.

Phillips shares his strategies to help you analyze properties better so that you can quickly assess risk and identify potential growth opportunities. This book provides insight into managing multiple properties while still contributing to the community.


The Book on Rental Property Investor


Passive investing is a good option if you don’t have the time to manage your property or act as a landlord. Brandon Turner's 2015 passive investor guide gives you the knowledge base to better understand real estate investing before getting into other passive strategies.

The Book on Rental Property Investing gives you an objective overview of common real-estate strategies. This will allow you to determine which strategy best suits your budget, lifestyle, and financial goals. Turner has been flipping houses since age 21 and is the co-host of the BiggerPockets podcast. Turner also focuses on strategic planning in order to ensure that you have all the information and tools necessary to make an investment decision.


The Book on Tax Strategies for the Savvy Investor


Matthew MacFarland, a certified CPA, and real estate investor offers first-hand insights and advice about how investing taxes and real estate work.


This 2020 tax guidebook was written for novice real estate investors. However, it can also be of benefit to intermediate investors. Han and MacFarland provide real-world examples that explain complex tax laws. This allows readers who have no prior knowledge in investing, real property, finance or real estate to easily understand and make informed financial decisions.


Rehab, Rent, or Refinance.


David Greene, an investor in real estate, developed the BRRRR method: "Buy. Rehab. Rent. Refinance. Repeat." This book covers every step of the process from managing single-family property to multi-unit apartment complexes to how to scale it. This comprehensive guide to house flipping provides a clear explanation of terms and methods as well as examples. Greene is co-host of BiggerPockets Podcast and has been featured by HGTV.


Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investment


"Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing" provides advice on how you can scale your real-estate portfolio. Michael Blank, a real estate investor shows you the steps to generate a steady income through real property. This 2018 book is for passive investors and property managers who are new to investing.

Micheal Blank, a leading expert in apartment investing, is here to help. This book was No. 1. in Business Purchasing & Buying. 1 in Crowdfunding, No. 1 in Amazon Job Markets & Advice. Blank claims that he will help you get on the road to financial freedom by helping you manage your rental properties in as little as three to five year. This is assuming you do your homework, follow the steps, put in the work, and make the effort.


The Book on Flipping Properties


Although flipping properties is a popular option for many future and current real estate investors, it requires more in-depth knowledge than most people realize. J Scott is a real estate expert and co-host on the BiggerPockets Business Podcast. He shares his secret formula for success when flipping houses.

Scott provides insights into identifying red flags to avoid when investing in flips. The 2019 book is focused on reducing risk when purchasing properties. It will also guide you through the rest, from selling to renting out or rehabbing, to ensure you get the best return on your investment.


Hold: How do you Find, Buy and Rent Houses For Wealth


Understanding the market, property values, and assessing risk are some of the most important aspects of investing in realty. This guide is written by six real estate experts and will help you to understand what you should look for in a property, to minimize risk.

"Hold" guides you through each stage of the buying process. This includes finding the right properties, calculating costs and anticipating ROI, purchasing properties, and keeping these properties to maximize your long-term profits. The book was originally published in 2012. However, it offers a solid strategy to help real estate investors new and old find rental properties that will be profitable for years. These are all great resources and the best Airbnb books to start with.